It has been well and trulypublicised that Microsoft has bought GitHub.

So where does that leave Puppy Linux and Woof-CE?

This was my response to the thread on github/woof-ce:

Trouble is we are far too invested here now. The website for a start. IDK if any other (apart from sourceforge - that went proprietary awhile ago now) can host pages where anyone can edit and submit a pull request. Self hosting? By whom?

I'm NOT sticking up for github/microsoft. Hell I'd be outa here like a shot but what is the real alternative?

Let the dust settle and it may become clear.


Alternatives such as GitLab and NotABug and others exist but the problem we face is that is actually hosted on github for anyone from the Puppy Linux community to edit and update via pull request and is redirected to the domain name "".

For the time being, I think we adopt a "watch and act" attitude. Someone might like to offer us gratis hosting that will overcome the current problem. Or perhaps we can code a way to use the current setup on a less hostile code repo and rsync the changes back to a real host. 

Perhaps this should be part of a forum discussion.

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