The testing branch of woof-CE is currently using a new fork of ROX-Filer. 


Among the changes are: 

- Support for "copy/cut to clipboard" and "paste from clipboard" has been added. This means the old "Copy" menu item has been renamed to "Duplicate" and the key-binding changed from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+D. The key-binding for "Delete" has been changed from Ctrl+X to the "Delete" key. 

- When dragging .desktop files to the pinboard (desktop), the "Name" field of the .desktop file is used as the default label instead of the filename. 

- The "Move" functionality has been changed to allow merging with any existing directories with the same names. 

- "Merge" and "Ignore Older" checkboxes have been added to the "Copy" and "Move" dialogs, defaults can be changed in 'Options...'->'Action windows' if you don't want to tick the box every time. 

- When a directory is missing/deleted the window will be automatically closed immediately, but this can be changed in 'Options...'->'Filer windows' if you don't like it. 

- In list view mode (Show extra details) items can only be dragged by clicking in the icon and name columns. All other columns will start a selection box, which should make selecting files in list view mode easier. 

- It is now configurable in 'Options...'->'Filer windows'->'List View' which columns are visible in list view mode. 

- A "New" button (the blue plus) has been added to the toolbar. Left click creates a new directory, middle click creates a new blank file and right click opens the "New" menu. 

If you are making any releases from the testing branch, please mention these changes in the release notes.

Posted by peebee on behalf of woodenshoe-wi 

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